May 09

Golf’s Golden Sombrero – Spring 2019

By Mike Johnny | Opinion

Spring 2019 and Golf’s Golden Sombrero In my late 20’s and early 30’s my real passion was baseball.  Even still, the game still stokes fond memories.  I love the purity of the game and its rich history.  Baseball radio announcers are sports greatest storytellers.  The term, Golden Sombrero, means when a player is 0 for […]

Apr 02

The Allure of Golf Travel

By Mike Johnny | Travel / Road Trips

The Allure of Golf Travel Golf Channel’s Matt Ginella has shared over social media a recent travel hiccup on a trip to Bandon Dunes, leaving from San Francisco, where he and 4 other accepted an offer of $5000 in airline credits and a free vehicle rental to ensure a plane which was overloaded could safely […]

Feb 28

Toronto Golf and Travel Show – 2019 Reflections

By Mike Johnny | Misc

Reflections on the 2019 Toronto Golf and Travel Show Winter is leaving southern Ontario anytime soon and between seemingly weekly storms, the Toronto Golf and Travel Show was hosted at the International Centre near Pearson Airport.  The venue remained the same, the space was new and the energy on opening day was fabulous.  I’ve attended […]

Feb 25

2019 Winter Giveaway – Week 5

By Mike Johnny | Misc

Well, we’ve made it through another winter…almost, but that light at the end of the tunnel is brightening.  Friday will have the calendar turn to March and that’s another month closer to golf season for most of us Canadians.  I really enjoy this annual winter giveaway and want to thank the companies I am loyal […]

Feb 24

Shinebox – The New Home for Snell Golf in Canada

By Mike Johnny | Interviews

@36aday is pleased to introduce interviews with leaders in the game of golf. Nine questions are presented to probe important issues of the game, personal experiences, stories and insight. Just like 9 holes of golf, I hope you find this enjoyable and that it leaves you wanting more. This ‘Quick Nine’ is with Ryan Sommerfeld […]

Feb 19

2019 Winter Giveaway – Week 4

By Mike Johnny | Misc

This is the fourth of five weeks of this annual giveaway.  Congratulations to Week 3 winner, Ken Mykietowich from Winnipeg, MB who won for his Instagram like and comment. Over the past week there was another winter storm which hit my hometown of Burlington, ON.  Made me realize that winter isn’t exactly going away anytime […]

Feb 11

2019 Winter Giveaway – Week 3

By Mike Johnny | Misc

We’re more than halfway through winter.  Some of you, as you shared last week, are planning for a break from the Canadian winter…many with clubs in hand.  Congratulations to Mike Meville who commented on Facebook he’s going to Florida to try out some new clubs.  Mike is our Week 2 winner and will get a […]

Feb 08

One man’s dream is really all golfers dream.

By Mike Johnny | Opinion

One man’s dream is really all golfers dream. I have never met Patrick Koenig.  And yet through his golf photography and his recent RGV Tour where he quit his job to spend a year golfing across the United States, I feel like we’re kindred spirits. Imagine leaving your job to take a year to play […]

Feb 04

2019 Winter Giveaway – Week 2

By Mike Johnny | Uncategorized

Hello! I’m back from a winter vacation and seemed to have missed a real blast of winter in my home in Ontario – cold, snow and then deep cold.  I’ll take credit for bringing the milder weather back but like my golf game, the weather is fickle and can change quickly. I’ll announce the week […]

Jan 28

Summit Golf Club – Tradition Never Goes Out of Style

By Mike Johnny | Course Reviews

Summit Golf Club – Tradition Never Goes Out of Style Routed in 1912 and with design completed in 1919, Summit Golf Club, based in Richmond Hill, Ontario enjoys the benefits of traditional and historic design from George Lyon and Stanley Thompson, and recent updates from another Canadian golf architect, Doug Carrick.  I had the […]

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