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Michael profile picMy name is Mike Johnny, an avid golfer and aspiring single digit handicap with goals of playing Canada’s top publicly accessible golf courses.  Having read great information on other blogs and from golf journalists in Canada, I decided I too would like to share my opinions and experiences and engage about great golf available in Canada.

Sometimes I have struggled to find information that is based on experience and less on marketing and sales when it comes to golf and golf travel.  I wanted to create a forum to share and exchange information for public players of golf in Canada.  And while I live in Mississauga, Ontario my soul resides in a small town where golf is accessible, affordable and always enjoyable!

Here, you’ll find course reviews, trip and travel information specific to the game, rants and opinions, recommendations and conversations about gear and swag and updates on my bucket list!  I will be honest and respectful, self-indulgent at times, reflective and purposeful.

I have golfed since I was 10 years old and have been privileged to play golf in many regions throughout Canada.  Like many, I have developed my own bucket list of top courses in Canada.  While I would love the sense of belonging that comes from membership in a club, I am a public player of the game.  I seek value in golf – both in terms of daily greens fees and stay-and-play and will share what I find, giving back to a community that has helped inform and inspire me to explore great golf in Canada.   This is a great country to play golf!


4 thoughts on “It’s A Blog!

    • I sincerely appreciate your feedback, and your generous offer of assistance! I will reflect on it and will assuredly get back in touch. Content is key, and keeping a pipeline of content will be critical. Without being too presumptuous, perhaps there may be an opportunity in the future to mix business and pleasure…meeting over a round of golf and discussing the joys of writing about golf. As an admirer of your work I want to thank you again for the encourgagement!! Regards, Mike

  1. Michael (it’s too weird for me to call you Mike – :)), Loving the blog so far. You’re making me itch to get out there and swing the clubs! You know that I’ve written a bit about golfing and the older adults – if you can use it, I’m more than happy to share, of course! Or to contribute something new for you, if you’re interested. Let me know what I can do to help.

    • Dr. Gage (which, too, seems more appropriate than Will!), I would be honoured to explore a contribution about golfing and older adults. As someone who is aware of your research interests (and passion for the game) this would be an informative and interesting read! I will be sure to follow up with you. MJ

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