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Mar 31

Making a Case for Cape Breton Island

By Mike Johnny | Travel / Road Trips

Some of Canada’s Best Golf Dates – July 31 – August 5, 2013 Locations – Guysbrough, NS; Inverness, NS, Ingonish, NS, Ben Eoin, NS Courses Played – Osprey Shores, Cabot Links, Highlands Links, The Lakes Total Mileage – 1320 km Making time for world class golf in the midst of a non-golf centric boys trip […]

Mar 24

The Lakes Golf Club – A Cape Breton Gem

By Mike Johnny | Course Reviews The assist on this has to go to SCOREGolf’s own Bob Weeks, who introduced me to The Lakes through a SCORE Golf TV promotional spot on Cape Breton Golf. Only fair to offer credit where it is due. This course was a surprising gem within a trip to Cape Breton in August 2013. In fact, […]

Mar 21

Proposed Items to Address Slow Play – Part 2

By Mike Johnny | Opinion

My first competitive golf event in 2011 had groups going off in threesomes. My round took an agonizing 5 hours 40 minutes to complete. And yet I am signing up to experience the highs and lows of competitive play again this September and won’t be surprised if the time to finish is similar. So I […]

Mar 20

Proposed Items to Address Slow Play – Part 1

By Mike Johnny | Opinion

In my most recent post I shared my viewpoint around the issue of slow play which I feel is significant and will have a negative effect on the growth of the game. I say growth because players who play often do not like slow play, but tend to accept it. Max Adler’s Golf Digest article […]

Mar 17

The Plague of Slow Play

By Mike Johnny | Rants

“Scots do not dally when they play golf.  From their opening stroke on the first tee to the last putt on 18, they play golf with an unerring determination to get to the ball, hit it, and move on…golf is what they are out to play and play it they will.” – Willis Copeland, […]

Mar 10

Timber Ridge – Scores High In Value

By Mike Johnny | Course Reviews I have played this course several times, most recently mid-May 2013.  It is located in Brighton, Ontario, slightly less than two hours east of Toronto.  The course opened in 1999 but has a maturity that would make it pass as much older.  For early season players this course had withstood the winter very well.  […]

Mar 06

It’s Golf and Travel Show Season

By Mike Johnny | Misc

It’s an annual rite of passage.  Locked in the grips of a long Canadian winter, I ventured into downtown Toronto to wander and dream.  Let’s be clear, I could attend this show on a weekly basis so I have a significant bias.  In 2012, I had my fitting which resulted in a custom fit Ping […]

Mar 03

Highlands Links – A National Treasure

By Mike Johnny | Course Reviews I had written Cabot Links was my favourite course in the country, but if there was only one course I could play for the rest of my life it would be Highlands Links.  This is a majestic beauty of a course, set in the scenic highlands of Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Ingonish, […]