Monthly Archives: July 2014

Jul 30

The Importance of the Golf and Country Club

By Mike Johnny | Opinion

I have intentionally chosen to be a public player. I truly enjoy the variety and diversity of golf courses and golf experiences within Canada. I cherish the freedom and flexibility which I have to play at any given date or time. Convenience, business, value and opportunity are all factors which contribute to the approximately 25 […]

Jul 15

The 26th Annual Penn Classic

By Mike Johnny | Misc

The 26th Annual Penn Classic Reagan Light said it best, “this is not a $*@%^!& golf tournament”. But I could see such a write up appropriately placed on a billiards blog, a tennis blog or heaven help us, a bocce blog. Yes, those are the four major ‘athletic’ events which comprise the Penn Classic. The […]

Jul 02

What Makes Canada So Great? How About Golf!

By Mike Johnny | Opinion

Reflection is an important part of how I learn and how I act. So on Canada Day when a friend posted ‘What makes Canada so great?’ I wanted to think on this before responding. The responses she received, many from ex-pats living overseas shared themes of the land, the people and our passion for hockey. […]