At The Halfway House

This summer I celebrated my birthday. When you’re 47 years old, it’s less about the cake and presents and more about health, family and friends. As an avid golfer, 47 means I’m three years away from the Champions Tour (that and a truckload of talent) but figuratively, I’m at the halfway house and ready to play the back nine. Lots of golf remaining; good, bad and otherwise.

My ball of choice in 1979, Canada Cup

My ball of choice in 1979, Canada Cup

Birthdays give me cause for reflection. I remember vividly my start into the game, playing a 9-hole course on the border of Burlington and Oakville with my Dad. My first set of clubs was a 7 piece set from Consumers Distributing and I had a red golf bag which I loved. I loved playing Spalding’s Canada Cup ball. And then, like now, I’d organize my golf gear…balls, tees, markers, and so on. I appreciate the efforts my parents made to allow my interest in the game to grow. I had a membership at Chedoke Golf Course in Hamilton where I played the Martin course every day at 10 am. Since I arrived at the course at 7am (Dad would drop me off before going to work) I ate breakfast in the locker room or snack bar which I don’t think have been painted since I was a junior so it brings back strong memories. I’d practice for at least two hours then play a round, often paired with some seniors who I found to be quite accommodating of the fact I could only hit the ball 150 yards albeit dead straight. Times have changed. I don’t hit it 150 anymore (I’ve found a little more distance) and I certainly don’t hit it straight (not consistently anyway).

Chedoke Golf Club, Hamilton, Ontario

Chedoke Golf Club, Hamilton, Ontario

Unlike some, I have no problem getting older. Besides, if I play my cards right it means more time to pursue the game I love. My all-time best round is a 4-over 75 at Lowville Golf Club in Burlington, Ontario the day before my 45th birthday. I’m always optimistic I can beat that and figure I have another 47 years to try.


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