Monthly Archives: January 2015

Jan 28

Golfers, Let’s Talk Mental Health

By Mike Johnny | Misc

Golfers, Let’s Talk Mental Health. Today is January 28, 2015. Here in Canada it is #BellLetsTalk day in support of mental health initiatives. For Bell Canada it is a day where 5 cents from every tweet, text, mobile or long distance call with the hashtag listed above is donated from the company in support of […]

Jan 19

At the risk of being critical…

By Mike Johnny | Misc

Much has been written about what makes a golf course great. Acknowledging the subjectivity of that question, allow me to invert the argument and ask what makes a golf course bad? Perhaps not ‘bad’, I don’t think that is necessarily fair, more specifically what are the factors that detract from a course being great? I’m […]

Jan 14

Riled Up Over Golf Course Rankings?

By Mike Johnny | Opinion

There is nothing like a golf course ranking list to get golf people all worked up. OK, maybe slow play and the state of the game of golf are topics to engage and enrage but I digress. On January 6, Golf Digest came up with a top 100 list of golf courses in the United […]

Jan 05

36aday Top Posts of 2014

By Mike Johnny | Misc

Happy New Year! With windchill values around -20c it is a perfect time to write about golf (ok, it’s always a perfect time to write about golf).  I want to extend my thanks to the people who have supported this blog over its first year.  It has been an exciting and enjoyable experience and I […]