Gear Essentials – Rain Wear – Sunice Hurricane Gore Tex Pant

By Mike Johnny | Gear / Swag

Jun 13

Gear Essentials – Rain Wear – Sunice Hurricane Gore Tex Pant

Sunice Hurricane Rain Pant – MSRP – $299.00

Large fits well for me who wears 34" x 32" pants

Large fits well for me who wears 34″ x 32″ pants

Living in Canada, with a compressed golf season to start with, having the proper golf gear can allow players to extend that season when the weather is less than ideal. If you’re like me, the prospect of playing golf when it is both cold and wet is not always enjoyable.

I play golf when I travel on business whenever possible, often piggybacking a day to experience a local public course. This June, while in Ottawa I traveled to Quebec to play Fairmont Chateau Montebello. Hard to believe but on June 2 I broke out my new rain pants for the first time since acquiring them this winter. Here’s my take on the Sunice Hurricane rain pant.

Excellent materials and the assurance of Gore Tex will protect well from rain

Excellent materials and the assurance of Gore Tex will protect well from rain

Gore-Tex is an assurance of quality and as I looked over a special for these pants on The Golf Warehouse website all I had to do was look back over rounds where – cart or walking – the rain managed to get through my less-than-excellent nylon rain pants. And with the prospect of traveling to PEI for 10 rounds this fall I wanted the kind of assurance that these pants will provide me. It was definitely an investment but one which will last many years. The fit is excellent; velcro can help tighten the fit without pinching. They slide on an off over golf shoes with relative ease which is appreciated. The pockets are most interesting. There is a generous back pocket which is deep to protect a score card. Front pockets are smaller and resemble cargo-style pocketing but I grew to appreciate this. First, they close very well. They hold a golf ball and tees/ball markers so from a size standpoint they are not restrictive to the needs of a player. They are external pockets only so there is zero risk they will leak. I like the fact the pockets were on the side and not more to the front of the pant. It was a design element I really appreciated as I played; they were positioned to allow full mobility and no restriction of my golf game. My only caveat is in warm weather they will make me sweat but from a protection standpoint these are outstanding. The day I played was cool, damp, overcast and 13c (55F) and I was comfortable but once the sun poked through and it started to warm I could feel the heat. Strong, durable and made of quality materials these pants will last a golfer many, many years and protect well from rain. Bring on the rain, I’m ready.


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