Liftlock Golf Club – Relaxed Golf Fun for the Whole Family

Liftlock Golf Club – Relaxed Golf Fun for the Whole Family

It is an easy course to get to, I can attest to that. Simply follow the signs from the highways which direct you to the Liftlock. Directly across the road is the Liftlock Golf Club. This 27 hole facility is the kind of golf operation which every city in Canada should have access to. With a short 9 hole par 3 course and an executive length 18 hole course, this is a wonderful facility for golfers of all ages and skill levels. And do not equate an executive length course with sub-par maintenance because you’d be mistaken. Proprietors, Gerry Mason and Kim Morris have put their stamp on this course. The conditioning is outstanding and along with their commitment to serving their members and community makes for an enjoyable golf experience.

005Liftlock Golf Club opened in 1960, the road side sign identifies this and it’s a history which Mason and Morris are proud of. And while the city has grown around them this 100 acre facility continues to provide year round access to golf, lessons and quality practice space. Year round, yes, and not because the course is open 12 months of the year…this would be too difficult given the harsh Peterborough winters. Liftlock has opened two simulators which keep golfers engaged. They are very busy in the winter months. But for now back to the courses.

Their full course is a par 60/63 and plays 3329 yards with holes ranging from 89 to 359 yards. The signage is excellent and the routing is clear and straight forward. Having played this course often about 25 years ago, the commitment to conditioning of this course is impressive. The greens roll very well with very few ball marks for a course which gets so much traffic. The fairways on the par 4’s are clearly mown but the rough is very playable and not too penal.

7th hole with a view of the Peterborough Lift Lock

7th hole with a view of the Peterborough Lift Lock

With a course which caters to juniors and seniors (given its length and routing which makes walking very easy) this is a strong complement to the many quality full length courses in the area. The course is generous in its space with very few opportunities for players to hit errant shots on to other fairways. In fact, the most intimidating shots are on the 7th and 10th tees which run adjacent to Ashburnham Drive and the Trent Severn waterway. It is entirely possible for errant shots to end up on the road so favour the right side of the fairway.

The far side of the course; from holes 7 to 11, provide the most enjoyment as the subtle elevation change and presence of water makes for a nice break from the level terrain and require a greater demand for accuracy. If you’re a value conscious golfer than this course is for you. Full memberships are $847 for adults and work down from there for juniors, seniors and couples. This includes the very enjoyable and well maintained short 9 hole course which is 837 yards.

Add to this a pro shop and restaurant where you can grab any equipment or supplies or perhaps enjoy a meal and a beverage and Liftlock provides a complete golfing experience. Their policies on play are extremely inclusive, with no restrictions on junior play. And for an industry which is interested in growing the game, this is refreshing to see. Call ahead, they have an active men’s and women’s day but take advantage of a nice course which will provide a great chance to sharpen your ball striking and short game. Liftlock should not be missed if considering quality, value golf in the Peterborough area.

Great view of the 7th fairway and green

Great view of the 7th fairway and green


One thought on “Liftlock Golf Club – Relaxed Golf Fun for the Whole Family

  1. Mike,

    Courses like this are important for our game. It’s a great place for beginners or people who just want to go out and have a relaxed time and not be too frustrated with the difficulty. Nice write-up.


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