To Rent Clubs Or Not To Rent, That Is The Question

To Rent Clubs Or Not To Rent, That Is The Question

My default position on club renting is ‘no’. It is to be avoided at any opportunity. I don’t like it. I have had exceptions to this rule in the past and will admit I am developing an increasing distrust against airlines ability and capacity to manage golf club shipments. Interestingly enough my experiences with rentals have been positive. I played in Arizona in 2011 with rental clubs on two separate rounds, the experience being so positive with the Ping G10 rentals I was sure to buy those as my next irons. In a recent trip to Mexico I rented Nike clubs and was pleased to have access to a SQ Sumo driver which is similar shape to my current (and old but effective) Callaway FT IQ Tour square head driver. So, despite some positive experiences renting I remain very reluctant to do so. The fact is I love my clubs. They feel right, perform well and they are mine.

If I am not coming across as a walking contradiction this next statement may do so. I am traveling next week on business and will make time for a round of golf in St. John’s, Newfoundland and will purposefully rent clubs. The leading reason is fiscal. Value matters to me. It would cost me over $55 to ship my clubs on Air Canada (which does include the return costs). I am able to rent a full set of clubs for under $20 at Pippy Park. I’ll save the money and put it toward seafood! Fact is this is going to be a casual, enjoyable round. If it was a bucket list course (for example, if I was traveling to Corner Brook or Deer Lake and was making time to play Humber Valley) I would pay to bring my clubs for the experience. The qualitative filter is an important one for me.

I am good at managing my expectations. I suspect I will get an old set which may have a couple brands of clubs involved. For the purposes of a recreational round and a new experience that will be ok. Now, I will bring a shoe bag in my luggage which will have a glove, some tees, divot repair tool, shoes and about 6 golf balls. While renting clubs is something I’d consider, playing golf without golf shoes sounds unfathomable to me.  AZ golf

I inquired about the emerging company ShipSticks, based in the USA. Their business model makes doing in business within Canada impossible. And for a casual round on a municipal course, I’m not going to worry about the additional expense of getting my clubs there. If I was able to make two rounds, perhaps adding Clovelly Golf Club, to my golf itinerary than I’d bring the clubs along.

The forecast is looking almost summer-like for St. John’s next Wednesday; sunny and 15c. I’m excited to tee it up and enjoy a unique golf experience. Sometimes we need to consider exceptions to the rule and I am comfortable doing so next week. I’m curious to know how others feel about club rentals?


6 thoughts on “To Rent Clubs Or Not To Rent, That Is The Question

  1. Mike,

    I agree with you here. The thought of renting clubs to play golf makes me squirm – I am attached to my own clubs, they are personalized (grips, shafts, lies, etc), and I know what to expect from them. Even having your own bag is comforting, knowing the compartments and where you keep stuff. However, I would also make an exception to the “no rentals” rule if I were in a similar situation to you. If travelling somewhere for a short time and knowing I only had time to squeeze one round in, I would consider renting. Unless, like you said, that one round was going to be at a bucket list course. If the cost of renting clubs for an excursion exceeds the cost to take them on a plane, it’s a no-brainer to haul the clubs. Usually, I would think, this would require two or more rounds to be planned. Good topic.


  2. Have fun a Pippy Park. I played the front 9 last year when in town. It is in a great spot on top of the city. I also played Humber and Gander on the trip. Humber Valley is really something else.

    I always travel with my clubs, but recently have considered renting, not decision yet.

  3. Mike

    I do not like renting clubs either. I think that the more we golf, we have expectations to always play well and using rentals, regardless of the make, do not cut the grade. I have not played golf in St. John’s, but visited there a couple of years ago. If you have not been there before, Signal Hill is worth the visit. Also, there is a micro brewery at Quidi Vidi that might be worth a stop. Enjoy your trip and good luck with the rentals.


    • Thanks for the fantastic suggestions, Jim. Fortunately our group is off to Quidi Vidi (and the brewery) one night but I’ll be sure to hear to Signal Hill. I’ve been to St. John’s before but it was a far too quick visit and not much time to see the city and surrounding area.

      Thank you, Mike

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