My Ball of Choice – Yellow Srixon Z-Star


Visible. Durable. And strong performance. The Yellow Srixon Z-Star.

For the better part of three years I struggled to find a performance golf ball I could trust.  Having played Pro V1’s for a while, and admittedly loving their performance around the greens I was frustrated at how easily they would scuff.  I had tried Nike, Bridgestone, Callaway…pretty much all the high end balls and liked them but did not love them.

My first experience with coloured Srixon balls was about five years ago with the Q Star.  Straight and durable, it was the durability and the ability to better follow the ball off the club that impressed me.  Upon finding out about  Z Star line I immediately tried them and was impressed.  Of course, dispersing play with these balls and my left over Pro V’s gave me an immediate comparator.  Durability and optics were the deciding factors for me and performance was not lagging as much as I thought it may around the greens.  Now?  It’s all I’m going to use.  I love their distinct colour and after many years finally found a ball I can trust.  Heck, it is even playable after a cart path ‘kiss’.

What is your golf ball of choice and how loyal are you to your golf ball?  Play well.

A Yellow Srixon Birdie Chip-In at Batteaux Creek

A Yellow Srixon Birdie Chip-In at Batteaux Creek


5 thoughts on “My Ball of Choice – Yellow Srixon Z-Star

  1. Mike

    I bounce back between Srixon and Pro V1. I like the Pro V1 when it is really hot out side and the Srixon for the rest of the time. The Z Star has a bit better feel, but overall, I do not really notice the difference between it and the Q Star. It could be the temperature at which I play them, but overall both are good golf balls for my game.

    I have tried the yellow and it does not fit my eye well. I am not adverse to using them, but will likely not buy any color but white in the future. Hope you game is going well!


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