Happy 2nd Birthday, 36aday


After today I will be entering my third year as a golf writer.  This blog has taken off beyond my expectations and I’m sincerely grateful for the support received by other bloggers, golf journalists, family and friends – both old and new.  This blog has also allowed me a chance to connect with other golfers from across Canada, the USA and all around the world.

I’ve been fortunate to join the Golf Journalists Association of Canada and feature my course reviews on Canadian Golf Magazine, a national online golf publication.  I’ve been able to travel and play great courses all across the country.   I participate regularly on #GolfChat – a weekly Twitter Chat about golf.  I was pleased, and a little surprised, to be awarded the 2015 Blog of the Year on GolfChat.  I’ve also created new friendships with other golf enthusiasts and writers.  I started a Facebook page this year as another means of engagement beyond Twitter and the blog.  I’ve experienced my first viral post which – my review of the impressive Stanhope golf course – shared on over 50 different Facebook pages.  Of course, the Stanhope review was part of an amazing bucket list golf experience in 2015.  Playing 10 of the top courses in Prince Edward Island is something I’ll never forget and hope I can experience again.

2016 holds a lot of promise with planned trips to BC, AB and NB (all of which will have golf involved and allow me to cross more courses off my bucket list).  I am excited about the prospects of teeing it up with Josh Strukoff, writer of the very informative golf blog, Golf Is Mental.  I have plans to re-brand; creating a custom logo to help advance the blog and my golf writing efforts.

To all of you who read and support my writing, thank you.  I’m going to celebrate this achievement with a cold pint of my favourite golf beer, TripleBogey.   In the meantime, keep it in the short grass and here’s to a great 2016.

In friendship, Mike


Another highlight from the past year, my first ace.



9 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday, 36aday

    • Thanks, Reagan. In addition to boosting my eastern European analytics you provide great support. And from you – someone who is such a gifted writer and student of English – it means so much to me. Cheers, M

  1. Mike,

    Congrats on 2 successful years! Thanks for the kind words, looking forward to many more years of successful blogging and interactions with you about our great game. And, of course, teeing it up!


    • Thanks, Josh.
      The support and encouragement bloggers like you provide me means a great deal. I feel I’m only getting started! I’m thinking 2016 is going to be a big year!
      Cheers, Mike

  2. Mike

    Two years is an awesome milestone! I know I enjoy reading your articles and sharing them with the world. I look forward to many more years of entertainment, education and just plain fun from your blog!


    • Thank you, Jim. I really appreciate the kind words. One aspect of this experience I’ve loved is to connect with great writers and people like you. If chances allow, I’d love to be able to tee it up on 2016. Won’t be long and we’ll be outdoors golfing! Cheers, Mike

  3. Hi, I recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed what I have read so far. I stumbled across your blog trying to get a sense if GTA Golf Club is worthwhile and you popped up on a Google search. I thought perhaps you could comment either here or via email on your experience with GGC. I am newly retired and hoping to get in a lot of rounds this year, especially the less crowded weekdays 🙂 GGC looks great for a guy wanting to play a wide variety of courses in the GTA.
    Congrats on your two year milestone!

    • Hi Rob.
      Thanks for the question and the kind words. I am a ‘birdie’ member of the GTA Golf Club and appreciate how it can provide discounted rates at courses around the GTA. The site is easy to use and it offers the best value for anyone seeking to play golf without being bound to one course. I would recommend it. Look over the membership options, and if you’re considering renewal in 2017 they offer outstanding breaks on pricing over the late fall and early winter to renew. I only found that out last year come renewal time…this is my second year. I will write about them in time. But my advice is an informed ‘yes’. Hope to meet up at some point in the season, thanks again,

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