Monthly Archives: October 2016

Oct 31

Requiem to the 2016 Golfing Season

By Mike Johnny | Misc

Requiem to the 2016 Golfing Season OK, requiem may be a little over the top, but the official end of the golf season always makes me a little sad.  Golf Canada sets the Ontario season as April 15 to October 31 and, well, here we are on closing day.  I won’t be playing today and […]

Oct 27

Bucket List Review – Part 1 – Newfoundland

By Mike Johnny | Travel / Road Trips

This is the first of 10 posts that will look back on the current status of my bucket list.  Focusing on all 10 provinces, I’ll share links to courses played and remaining on my list, along with some new courses for consideration.  I’ll share some pictures, stories and wishes for future travel.  Canada is an […]

Oct 24

The Playing Lesson

By Mike Johnny | Misc

The Playing Lesson Not all golfers employ an instructor or coach and not all that do take advantage of a great way to combine instruction and play – the playing lesson. In two years of instruction I had my first playing lesson recently (and it was the worst weather day of the fall season) and […]

Oct 17

Updating my Canadian Bucket List

By Mike Johnny | Mike's Bucket List

Updating my Canadian Bucket List Many golfers have one; a list of courses they want to play.  My list, all Canadian publicly accessible courses, is the reason I started this blog.  And three seasons in now it is worth a critical look.  After all, lists like these deserve to be viewed and reviewed regularly.  I […]

Oct 01

Algonquin Golf Club – Play New Brunswick’s Best

By Mike Johnny | Course Reviews

Course Reviews – Algonquin Golf Club – Play New Brunswick’s Best The drive in from Fredericton was scenic and easy; very consistent with my experiences in maritime Canada.  Traveling a little over 90 minutes to the resort town of St. Andrews By-the-Sea I was fortunate to have time to enjoy this town before and […]