2016 in Pictures – Stewart Creek Golf and Country Club

In an effort to step up my photo game this year I am pleased to share 10 of my favourite golf images over the past year.  With a healthy layer of snow already in southern Ontario I hope this brings back good memories from your 2016 golf season and stokes the fire of anticipation for 2017!



The story: Stewart Creek is located in Canmore, AB and is surprisingly close to Banff.  For those, like me, who are always seeking to get in 36 a day this was my second round following a stunning morning at Banff Springs.  This was the view off the opening tee and the image does not do justice to the significant drop to the fairway below.  I was grateful there wasn’t a group behind me because it took me forever to tee off, seriously.  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a more beautiful setting off the first tee.  The course, the conditioning, its people and mountain views like this are all reasons why Stewart Creek is set well within top 100 course lists in Canada.  I can’t wait to come back.

Click here for my full review of Stewart Creek



2 thoughts on “2016 in Pictures – Stewart Creek Golf and Country Club

    • Thanks Josh. Yes, a strong day. Ugh, that’s a novice move I made. I can go back and add a link to all reviews; these pics are generating good traffic and expanding interest in the blog. This will be an annual staple. You’d have A top 100 pics…always admire your photographic work.
      Thanks again, Mike.

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