2016 in Pictures – Tobiano

In an effort to step up my photo game this year I am pleased to share 10 of my favourite golf images over the past year.  With a healthy layer of snow already in southern Ontario I hope this brings back good memories from your 2016 golf season and stokes the fire of anticipation for 2017!

The story:  My day of golf at Tobiano was simply amazing.  This course is well positioned in Top 10 lists of public courses in Canada.  My experience was somewhat solitary, as I seemed to bring in some stormy weather in my drive north from Surrey.  The dramatic effect of the weather in the distance set against the beauty of Kamloops Lake and the pristine condition of this course made it a real favourite of mine.  I was able to get 27 holes in before the weather won out.  But rest assured, I’ll be back and eagerly await a chance to play this very special course again.

Click here for my full review of Tobiano.




2 thoughts on “2016 in Pictures – Tobiano

    • Hi Josh.
      Thanks, loved my experience at Tobiano. One of the more unique courses I’ve played. Hope Santa was good to you and Beth. I’m loving my Christmas break.
      Wishing you all the best for 2017,

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