Time on Golf’s Disabled List

Avid golfers over the course of their time playing the game may likely encounter some pain or discomfort caused by playing which will force them to stay off the course for a while.  In some cases it is a brief stint but for others it is a more extended break.  Following a stretch earlier in August where I played10 rounds in 13 days, I have set the clubs aside until the end of the month.  A break of two weeks should alleviate a mild case of golfer’s elbow (self-diagnosed, mind you).  Of course, most Canadians need to put the clubs in the garage come late fall and wait out the winter.  This weather induced off season will certainly help me get my body and mind feeling better and re-energize me to get back to regular practice and play.

A break from the game, especially when forced, is not easy but the first key for me is acceptance.  Looking longer term, a two-week break will allow my elbow to feel better and, perhaps more importantly, get me into a better mind set for the game.  The extended stretch of golf I played in August had some competitive components to it (more on this in upcoming posts) and while I love the challenge of competitive play, it does help me to relax and enjoy the game as much I wish it would.  Compounded to all this is the fact I have not been playing well.  Again, this can happen and over the course of a season most players will experience the peaks and valleys around performance.  But my play was getting steadily worse.  Proud that my attitude remained positive, I will admit it’s much easier to take a break from golf when the scores have been higher than expected.

Image result for golf injury images, creative commons

Over this time – I am in the middle of my two week self-imposed stint on the disabled list – I am not watching much golf, allowing myself time off true time away from the game (even blogging, which I apologize for).  Giving the mind a break may be just as important for me as the body.  The elbow ache may or may not have had a correlation to a ballooning index and higher scores.  But I plan to come back at the end of the month rested, refreshed and energized to play, practice, have fun and seeking to get better.   It’s been an odd season for me in the sense of a new routine of play, stretches of extended and intensive play and now a new and nagging injury to address.

My time on the disabled list so far has given me an important and appreciated break from the game.  I am going to consider during the off-season a regular break every summer moving forward; it’s helping me to reflect and re-energize.  It’s the first time I have ever had to deal with an injury and given my age and how often I play, I feel very fortunate about that.  I understand not everyone has control over their time on golf’s disabled list.  I am very lucky in that regard.  I’ll be back soon and am eager to tee it up again.  Wishing you all good health, happiness and success on the course.  I’d love to hear from you around how you’ve coped with any golfing injuries.


5 thoughts on “Time on Golf’s Disabled List

  1. Mike

    You.logic is very sound. I find that I have 2 or 3 forced rests caused by life events through the year. Those breaks are worth the time for sure
    Howevrr, with such a short.season, I do not many of them. Have a great break.


  2. Mike,

    Sure hope that elbow issue is a thing of the past now, but I commend your discipline to step away and fully heal. I tend to be stubborn with injuries and want to play through them with such a short season, but some simply need time off to heal and you’ll be better off for it in the long run. Wishing you a strong and healthy final stretch of the season!


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