2018 Winter Giveaway – Week 3

First, I am pleased to share that Josh (@golfismental) is the Week 2 winner.  Courtesy a random draw, he is this week’s winner so the toque is staying north of the border this week.  But we’re just getting started; 7 more weeks of giveaways still.  Heck, we’re not even done watching golf from Hawaii yet as the PGA Champions Tour plays there this week.  That’s a January tradition I can appreciate.

Week 3 is upon us and entry this week is as simple as tagging a friend.  Yes, on all platforms –  this blog, Facebook (36ADay Blog), or Instagram (mj_36aday) you can log in and tag a friend.  Also, please use #36adaytag  While you’re at it, sign up to follow.  This will make things easier for you for the coming weeks where followers will get some love.


It’s not summer at The Lakes either.  Located in Ben Eoin, Nova Scotia, this Cape Breton Island course, among many others I am sure, is the place of winter daydreams.

All entries before 8:00 pm on Tuesday, January 23 will be eligible.  This week, we’ll go back to the red logo toque and there will be Snell Golf balls too (regretfully not their new release).

Think warm thoughts friends, we’ll get through this winter together!



4 thoughts on “2018 Winter Giveaway – Week 3

  1. Hey Mike,

    As I mentioned on Twitter, this early season win is huge. Could propel me to big things this season if I stay the course and just play my game. Beth informed me that because of this whole marriage thing, my winnings are her winnings, but we’ll see about that.

    P.S. I may make some entries in your other upcoming giveaways, but since I’ve already won my toque, these will just be ceremonial entries to support your awesome efforts.


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