2018 Winter Giveaway – Week 8

Week 7 saw the final toque given away and congratulations to winner, Kevin Stone.  The 36 Golf Co. products are awesome and I’m sure you’ll love the hat coming your way.

This week will shine a light on a golf company that makes golf balls which made me switch over after one round.  Dean Snell’s story has been widely shared and I had the pleasure last year of interviewing him (Part One, Part Two, Part Three) and learning about his passion for creating a golf ball for the everyday player but with all the science, technology and modern innovation afforded to tour players.  This week’s winner will get 6 ‘My Tour Balls’ and 6 Optic Yellow ‘Get Sum’.  I also had a chance to speak with the team at Snell Golf Canada President, Ron Stenzl (see here).  Yes, we do have our own access to Snell balls here at home.

After all, after a long winter it is time to start to think about preparing for the long golf season ahead.  And getting a dozen golf balls to try out on course can only help with that preparation.

To win, it’s simply, reply either here on the blog or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (@mj_36aday) and share what is your golf goal for 2018.  You want to enter on all four platforms?  Be my guest.  And yes, that means you’ll have four chances to win.  One random winner will be drawn next Wednesday so get your entry in before the end of the day on Tuesday, February 27.  Here’s to our best season ever!




18 thoughts on “2018 Winter Giveaway – Week 8

    • I am a huge advocate for lessons, having a trained eye help you see, identify and remedy opportunities for improvement is excellent. Hope it works out well…especially in PEI!
      Cheers, Mike

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  2. my goal is to be able to say my handicap out loud and not feel embarrassed, Since my driver and I are not on speaking terms, i plan on concentrating on it at the the range.more often.

    • Thanks Steve, As I’ve gotten older I’ve made peace with the shortcomings in my game, driver being one of them. I had an entire season and a half where I never used it, I was so scared. But play to have fun and play to be great! Good luck and thanks, Mike

  3. I plan to work on improving my putting in order to get my handicap back to where it was a few years ago. Also, continue working on my short game as the short game is wha5 can make or break a round.

  4. Time to make changes. To that effect, I registered for 1st time for indoor golf instruction featuring many great golf instructors. Only a few weeks into this and already noticeable improvements albeit plenty of work remains ;o)

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