Monthly Archives: January 2019

Jan 18

2019 Winter Giveaway – Week 1

By Mike Johnny | Misc

Hello friends.  Winter has been relatively tame where I live.  Our first storm is expected to bring cold and snow two days from now.  I’ll be celebrating winter’s imminent arrival by leaving shortly thereafter for a 10 day Caribbean beach vacation (no golf, however) and felt it appropriate to kick off the second annual winter […]

Jan 11

Gear Essentials – FootJoy Waterproof Golf Boot

By Mike Johnny | Gear / Swag

Gear Essentials – FootJoy Waterproof Golf Boot – Cleated Cascade Boot. (look for boot option) MSRP – $179.99 I am beginning to understand that I am in a minority of players who will stretch the Canadian golf season to an extreme.  I’ve played in near freezing weather, with light snow on the ground, and […]

Jan 02

My Golfing Goals for 2019

By Mike Johnny | Misc

My Index crept up from 10.6 to 11.8 and while that is not exactly the direction I was hoping it would move, I can safely say I had more fun playing golf in 2018 than I have possibly ever had.  Don’t get me wrong, I still feel I am a scratch golfer stuck in a […]