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This is a blog about golf in Canada. Part of this golf-mad country with approximately 5 million golfers, I want to share my opinions, experiences and engage about great public golf opportunities in Canada. I seek value in golf – both in terms of daily greens fees and golf vacations and will share what I find, giving back to a community that has helped inform and inspire me to explore great golf throughout Canada. This is a great country to play golf!

Mike Johnny
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11 thoughts on “About the blog

    • Thank you, Bill. I’ve heard much about Snell golf balls and would love to explore a field test. I hear you offer a ball in optic yellow, too, which I think is great! Thanks for the comment and reaching out. Mike

  1. Hi Mike,

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      • Mike,

        I would like to give you a call, i am interested in connecting with golf bloggers and also people who might want to earn money from golf.

        You have a thing on top golf courses on your site and i will shortly be inviting people to blog about some of those courses.

        Can you shoot me a number and i will ring you


      • Kenny, I’m interested in learning more. I’m not sure where you’re calling from but a call before 7:00 EST tonight would be awesome. Alternatively a call between 7:00 -8:00 am tomorrow morning is ideal too. My ringer is acting up but my number is 416-660-2647. Thanks, Mike.

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