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Apr 16

Book Review – Fearless Golf

By Mike Johnny | Book Review

Book Review – Fearless Golf I enjoyed a playing lesson with my instructor this year and after a few holes, where I had taken a very the conservative approach off the tee he said to me (and I am paraphrasing), “I rather see you hit the driver into the trees on then play too conservatively […]

Jan 16

Book Review: 101 Mistakes All Golfers Make

By Mike Johnny | Book Review

101 Mistakes All Golfers Make Author – Jon Sherman (@practicalgolf) The general shortcomings I have with golf instructional books are twofold: a deep dive on technical aspects of the game which I may not fully understand; and, relating back to the first point, a lack of clear language in articulating the issue and more […]

Dec 12

Book Review: Zen Golf

By Mike Johnny | Book Review

A recent post by fellow Canadian golf blogger @golfismental outlined an approach to embrace the Canadian golfing off season (better known as winter). An excellent post and refreshing attitude which gave my pause for reflection, not only around my off season regime but ways in which I can work on my mental side of the […]