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Oct 31

Requiem to the 2016 Golfing Season

By Mike Johnny | Misc

Requiem to the 2016 Golfing Season OK, requiem may be a little over the top, but the official end of the golf season always makes me a little sad.  Golf Canada sets the Ontario season as April 15 to October 31 and, well, here we are on closing day.  I won’t be playing today and […]

Jan 25

Golf Canada Reverses Handicap Decision on Solo Rounds

By Mike Johnny | Opinion

Following the USGA decision on November 23, 2015, that member scores played as a single will no longer count toward their handicap index there was a firestorm on Twitter. The feedback was consistent in its criticism of the USGA. In a blog post I had written the following day, I wrote “the USGA does not […]

Nov 04

Mussels, Eagles and Fall Sunshine

By Mike Johnny | Misc

I shared daily postcards from my October PEI golf trip and while this fulfilled a bucket list dream trip for me, it has also provided rich content which I will be sharing over the fall and winter season.  Later this month I will begin sharing course reviews for all of the 10 courses played on […]

Jul 21

What is the state of the game of golf in Canada?

By Mike Johnny | Opinion

On July 20, I had the pleasure to attend a Golf Journalists Association of Canada event and listen to a golf leadership roundtable discuss the state of the game in Canada. After listening, and reflecting, here are my opinions on this issue. I am not going to apologize for my optimistic attitude. It serves me […]

Apr 15

The Official Start to Golf Season

By Mike Johnny | Misc

Today, April 15, is the official start of golf season in Ontario, and for many parts of Canada. Provincial golf associations set dates for which recorded golf scores will count toward a players’ index. For me this is the last and final step toward the start of the golf season (there are many incremental steps […]