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Sep 08

Golf and Travel in Canada – Part 1

By Mike Johnny | Travel / Road Trips

If you’re from away you may not know that Canada is the second largest country in terms of surface area (under 10 million square km).  Canada is also second in terms of the number of golf courses in the world at 2,298 (http://pgaofcanada.uberflip.com/i/834072-golf-facilities-in-canada-2017-report), impressive for a golf-mad country with over 5 million players (according to […]

Aug 21

Dog Days of Summer

By Mike Johnny | Misc

Dog Days of Summer Being a statistics geek regarding my golf game I recently looked at my rounds per month over the past 7 years (yes, I keep data around my game going back many years). Within the golf season in southern Ontario (May to October), the month I play golf the least is August. […]

Apr 02

My best 18 holes (so far)

By Mike Johnny | Opinion

Here’s an interesting reflection. Looking over all the courses in Canada that I have played, I’ve drawn up my favourite and some of the most memorable golf holes which correspond to where each hole can be found on its scorecard. From this I am pleased to share my best 18 – and as the title […]

Jul 02

What Makes Canada So Great? How About Golf!

By Mike Johnny | Opinion

Reflection is an important part of how I learn and how I act. So on Canada Day when a friend posted ‘What makes Canada so great?’ I wanted to think on this before responding. The responses she received, many from ex-pats living overseas shared themes of the land, the people and our passion for hockey. […]

May 12

Grand Niagara – Quality Course, Quality People

By Mike Johnny | Course Reviews

Grand Niagara – Quality Course, Quality People http://grandniagaragolf.com/ Once it reaches 38c the humidity index is irrelevant when you’re on the golf course in Canada in July. The hottest day of the summer (or so I’m convinced) was spent with a good friend playing as a guest at his home course in Niagara Falls.  I […]